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History of Kuraray Carbon Materials Division

1940 Established as Chugoku Sangyo Co., Ltd., with JPY2 million of capital.
1957 Capital increased to JPY30 million.
1965 Started production and sale of activated carbon.
1974 Capital increased to JPY90 million.
1975 Cenapro Chemical Corp. established in the Philippines for intensive production of activated carbon.
1976 Started designing, producing and selling activated carbon-related equipment.
1980 Started production and sale of activated carbon fiber products.
1982 Started production and sale of Nitrogen gas generator KURASEP™.
1989 Capital increased to JPY400 million.
1992 Started production and sale of high-performance, coal-based activated carbon. Capital increased to JPY600 million.
1995 Started in-house manufacture of activated carbon fiber cartridge filters (wet molded)
1996 Opened Tsurumi Research and Development Center.
1998 Started production and sale of activated carbon sheets and CAF business.
2004 Kuraray Chemical (Ningxia) Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. established in People’s Republic of China for manufacture of activated carbon.
2007 Started full-scale production of Fine activated carbon for EDLC
2008 Started sale of Fine powder activated carbon for water filter.
2012 Established Bio Hard Carbon Co., ltd., the joint-venture company for manufacture of LiB hard carbon anode material.
2014 Kuraray Co., Ltd. absorbed Bio Hard Carbon Co., ltd. and started LiB-related operations.
2017 Kuraray Co., Ltd. absorbed Kuraray Chemical Co., Ltd.

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